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VIP Solos Provides Premium Email Traffic That’s Targeted and Responsive!

VIP Solos is one of the very best solo ad providers hands down. Their traffic is affordable, high-quality, fresh and responsive. Not to mention, their traffic delivery is faster than most other solo ad providers on the market today. I highly recommend VIP Solos if you promote information products and you want to scale your online business quickly. Thanks VIP Solos . . . you’re my secret weapon!  –  J.C.  

Build your audience and grow your online business with VIP solo ads today!

Here at VIP Solos we generate thousands of fresh leads every day. We utilize PPC ads and media buys to build our massive lists. Our in-house (wholly-owned and developed) email marketing system allows us to interact with our subscribers without restrictions, and allows us to segment them with our own attributes. In turn, we put your offer in front of subscribers that are targeted in your niche and have proven to be responsive. Our opt-in rates are excellent and we always over deliver!

We offer real-human traffic and use the best bot protection filter in the industry. Our delivery is fast and we ensure that your leads never see the same offer twice. Test our traffic and see for yourself!

Premium VIP Solo Ad Traffic Options

Niches Base Traffic QualityNo Mobile (Desktop Only) Option100% Tier I Traffic Option100% USA Traffic Option
Business Opportunity95% Tier IYesYesYes
Health & Wellness95% Tier IYesNoYes
Personal Development95% Tier IYesNoYes

Stop Struggling Online!

The lifeline of your online business is a constant flow of fresh leads to your services, products and offers.

. . . with the ability to turn up the flow of leads whenever you want to scale your business.

The problem (or challenge) is that lead generation can be extremely difficult unless you’ve spent years and thousands of dollars to discover the traffic sources that engage and convert.

Because, let’s face it . . . all leads are not created equal.

Simply sending any ol’ traffic to your offer and expecting sales or engagement to your follow-up communication(s) is like rolling the dice.

And, when it comes to spending your hard-earned money on traffic, it’s a very costly game to be playing.

That’s why so many online businesses fail before they even get started . . .

Plus, if you’ve spent any time online, you know that making sales upfront is important but it’s even more critical that you generate sales from your follow-up email communications.

That’s why the famous saying online goes like this:

“The money is in the list!”

This is where engagement is crucial.

Sure, it’s bad enough not getting any sales upfront but it’s even worse when no one opens your emails.

This is the equivalent to “hearing crickets” online.

You can bet that if no one is opening your emails (and clicking on your links), you’re not going to make any sales on the back end.

Without question, this is the next biggest hurdle you’ll need to overcome if you want to succeed online.

There’s no if(s), and(s) or but(s) about it!

That’s why the key to growing and scaling your online business fast is to generate targeted leads:

  • at an affordable cost to enable growth
  • on demand
  • that are responsive and engage with your follow-up email communications

This is exactly where VIP Solos excels and outperforms the competition!

We put our leads through a pre-qualification process using our in-house email system to gauge their interests and segment them accordingly. Over the years, we’ve been able to perfect this process, resulting in a traffic source that is economical, targeted and responsive.

Upon purchase, our team reviews every single order to ensure we match your offer to the right segment of our list, and that they’ve never seen your offer before.

We take pride in utilizing our experience, in-house built systems and processes to do everything possible to enable your growth.

VIP Solos offers this and much more . . .

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started online or if you already have an established online business.

VIP Solos has one goal and one goal only . . . to help you succeed!

The VIP Solos Team has extensive experience in lead generation, PPC advertising, niche website development, lead nurturing, lead segmentation and email marketing (including developing complete email marketing systems in-house) in multiple niches.

VIP Solos is one of many online businesses run by a core group of online marketers in the affiliate marketing space. 

VIP Solos was built by online marketers . . . for online marketers.

Rest assured that we know a thing or two about what it takes to succeed online.

Our team at VIP Solos would love nothing more than to become your trusted partner and help you grow your online business!

Piggy-back off of our vast lead generation experience and finally get the results you deserve without losing all your hard-earned money on expensive traffic sources that aren’t responsive or targeted in your niche.

So, while others are losing the battle online, you could be on your way to growing your online business as soon as today!

Give our premium email traffic service a shot and see for yourself.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain . . .

Frequently Asked Questions

When you place a solo ad order, the email list owner sends your offer to his or her list of subscribers. The people that read the email and are interested in your offer, click on your link and are directed to your page (typically an opt-in page for a free offer or lead magnet). These subscribers are what we call “unique” clicks.

No. VIP Solos takes care of that since we know best how to communicate different offers (in different niches) to our subscribers.

We have many clients that report sales consistently. While our list is not 100% buyers, we’re certain that they have great value when you market to them properly. 

Most solo ad sellers actively promote that their email lists include buyers. This leads you to believe that they actually sell information products and get orders. It gives you the false idea that these sellers use their list of buyers to send your emails and offers to them. This is rarely ever true and you should be very careful of solo ad sellers that make such claims.

Here at VIP Solos, we utilize the same exact marketing strategies we’ve perfected over the years, to nurture and engage our new subscribers and massive email lists. This means that you get targeted traffic in your niche that’s warmed-up and ready for your marketing.

VIP Solos is a cut above the rest. We are honest and transparent with our customers. We’re experts in pre-qualifying and engaging our subscribers, which in turn results in an excellent traffic source to build and scale your online business successfully (and quickly).

At VIP Solos, we put all of our new leads (subscribers) through an extensive pre-qualification process to gauge their interests and responsiveness to our emails and offers. 

We do not rely on commercial autoresponders and only use our in-house (wholly owned) email marketing system built by the best in the industry. Our email marketing system allows us to interact with our massive list of subscribers without restrictions and allows us to segment them with our own attributes. In turn, we put your offer in front of subscribers that are targeted in your niche and are proven to be responsive.

Here at VIP Solos, we add thousands ( . . . and growing) of new subscribers to our massive email lists every single day using different forms of PPC advertising such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads and a huge network of niche/blog website subscribers to name a few. 

We’re always testing all of our lead generation methods (as well as new sources) so that we can offer the highest quality leads to our customers.

This answer isn’t a one size fits all because all leads are not created equal. In general, we’ve perfected the pre-qualification process to minimize this time window while also closely measuring responsiveness and subscriber activity. 

We scrub our lists daily to get rid of subscribers that show little to no engagement. No one ever gets to see this traffic. Not VIP Solos, and certainly not our customers. 

The traffic that makes it past our pre-qualification process is fresh and prime for your offers.

In addition, when our customers provide feedback on their results, we utilize this information to adjust our marketing to continue to improve the quality of the traffic we deliver to you.

Never. When you place your solo ad order, we review your offer to ensure this does not happen. Rest assured that your offer will be presented to subscribers that have never seen your offer. Our email marketing system allows us to put controls in place to prevent this.

This is the reason why there is a slight delay when you place your order. Our team runs multiple checks to match your offer to the appropriate segment of our list. This gives you the highest probability of success and drives higher response than with other solo ad providers.

Our prices are extremely competitive. When you consider our massive lead generation and email system that pre-qualifies and nurtures subscribers, VIP Solos provides the best-value.

No question about it, our traffic is industry-leading. You can purchase traffic at a lower cost elsewhere but the quality and responsiveness is going to be less overall. But, as with any traffic source, your marketing is unique. We highly recommend that you test our traffic and see for yourself.

First, please ensure that your offer is a good match for the niches we offer. Past this, any offer in your niche could very well be a good fit. It is up to you to test your offer(s) to see what works best. As a marketer, you know that it all comes down to testing different traffic sources and offers to find the winners.

Here at VIP Solos, we do recommend that you send your traffic to a simple opt-in page (with or without a lead magnet) that captures a name and email address. You are not allowed to capture a phone number. 

Make sure you write a curiosity, attention-grabbing headline related to your offer or lead magnet. You can promote paid offers to your list once the subscriber opts in. For example, this can be from the thank you page after they opt-in, or from your follow-up email communications.

Our guarantee at VIP Solos is that we will provide you targeted real-human traffic in your niche. In addition, we guarantee that you will receive unique clicks as per your order.

We do not guarantee sales, opt-in rates or any results whatsoever because it is out of our control. There are too many factors and they’re all within your control. The marketing is unique to you and your brand.

Once you place an order there are no refunds. Please review our Purchase Policy for more details.

It is very important that you ensure your link and page are in good working order. VIP Solos is not responsible for broken links or pages that are not operational.

Yes, we reserve the right to refuse any sale. In addition, we do not accept scams, banned programs or ponzi-type schemes or offers. All orders follow a thorough set of checks before they’re approved. In this case, we will refund your money.

Our goal at VIP Solos is to provide your traffic as fast as possible. Keep in mind that every order goes through a review process and we fulfill many orders on a daily basis. Our team is extremely responsive but there are other factors that can affect delivery time such as the number of clicks you order.

Even with these checks and balances, you’ll find that our traffic delivery is faster than most solo ad providers.

We use an industry-leading software called Clickmagick. Not only is this service the best for filtering traffic, it is an excellent link tracking software for online marketers. We’ve been using them for years.

Be wary of other solo ad providers that do not use Clickmagick. Clickmagick protects both the seller and buyer.

VIP Solos (the website) is actually fairly new but the team behind VIP Solos has been in the online marketing industry for close to 20 years. 

The VIP Solos Team has extensive experience in lead generation, PPC advertising, niche website development, lead nurturing, lead segmentation and email marketing (including developing complete email marketing systems in-house) in multiple niches.

VIP Solos is one of many online businesses run by a core group of online marketers in the affiliate marketing space. VIP Solos was built by online marketers, for online marketers.

Premium targeted email traffic, delivered fast and at an affordable price! That’s the VIP Solos Guarantee . . .

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