Purchase Policy

Your business is important to us. Please read this Purchase Policy prior to placing an order on our website: https://vipsolos.com.

Full Disclaimer

  1. We cannot guarantee sales, opt-ins or the results you will achieve by using our premium traffic service. This is dependent on many factors which are out of our control. 
  2. We do guarantee the number of clicks ordered and that the traffic you purchase is real human traffic in the niche you choose.
  3. The tracking software we use is the best in the industry. Clickmagick is a professional tracking software providing the best traffic filtering and reporting. If you’re using something other than Clickmagick, it may show you a lower number of clicks which we are not responsible for.
  4. When you make a purchase from us at VIP Solos, you agree that the services we provide are non-tangible goods and are not covered by a refund. Please do not purchase unless you are 100% ready to do so.
  5. When you purchase from our website: https://vipsolos.com, you agree to our No Refund Policy.
  6. We only accept links to opt-in forms that capture a name and/or email address. No phone numbers are allowed.
  7. VIP Solos reserves the right to refuse your purchase order if you violate any of our policies.
  8. Please ensure the page or website you are sending our traffic to is in good working order prior to making a purchase. Once everything is verified on your end, place the order and use the appropriate link where you want to receive the traffic. Links cannot be changed after they are input into our system. This is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  9. Traffic orders are typically reviewed, approved and scheduled by our team within 1 day. The actual traffic delivery will vary based on the number of clicks and other factors. Rest assured that VIP Solos will deliver your traffic as soon as possible.

The VIP Solos Guarantee

We guarantee to deliver the number of clicks you ordered in your niche and that our traffic is 100% real human traffic (no bots or fake clicks ever). In addition, we guarantee that our traffic never sees the same offer twice. Rest assured that the traffic you receive will be targeted and new to your offer. 

Our traffic goes through an extensive pre-qualification process to ensure it is targeted to the niches we offer. We own and operate our own servers and autoresponders to engage our massive lists and we generate thousands of fresh leads every single day. Our system is constantly being improved to deliver the highest quality traffic at the lowest price possible. In the future, we plan to offer you even more options as we continue to grow.

Premium targeted e-mail traffic, delivered fast and at an affordable price!

That’s the VIP Solos Guarantee . . .

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